Use clean water if the glass surface is not very contaminated.

Howto Clean Glass Surface to Make EVA Interlayer Laminated Glass Successfully

By Peter Shin

Important to Clean Glass Surface
It’s very important to clean glass surface. If glass surface is not
clean enough, it may cause to bubbles and delamination of laminated
glass with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate EVA film.

How to Clean Glass Surface

Use clean water if the glass surface is not very contaminated.

Use 85% Ethanol, and 15% Glacial acetic acid if the glass surface is
highly contaminated.
When in serious situation, you can also add 1% Hydrofluoric acid.
Hydrofluoric acid is corrosive, irritant to human skin, wearing mask
and gloves is necessary to protect workers.

Make sure to clean completely the dirt, oil stain, Anti-mildew agent,
etc. on glass surface.

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